Sushi Maki | Wholesale Sushi & Dim Sum Platters in Miami
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Exquisitely Crafted Sushi & Dim Sum Platters

Sushi Maki is proud to extend its culinary excellence beyond the restaurant walls, reaching a wider audience through its sushi wholesale service. We offer an array of meticulously crafted sushi creations, dim sum, and Peking duck platters that cater to a variety of establishments, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and other organizations across the Miami area.

We embrace the artistry of sushi making, offering an unparalleled selection of fresh, traditional Asian cuisine to elevate your dining experience. With our wholesale service, we bring the essence of sushi maki to your doorstep, redefining convenience without compromising on quality.

Discover the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation with our Sushi Maki white-label items, where the expertise of our chefs meets the demands of your organization.


For special events and gatherings, please review our catering options.