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Elevate your fundraising experience!

Roll for a Cause is an opportunity for organizations, non-profits, schools, sports teams, and more to fundraise in a fun, delicious, and sustainable way! Simply coordinate a day and time with us and invite your community and organization members to dine at Sushi Maki. When they mention your cause at the register, we’ll give 10% of their order directly to your fundraiser.

How to get started:

Contact Us

Please email to coordinate a Sushi Maki location and day that will work for your fundraiser!


Click below to download social media assets and flyers you can use to spread the word about your fundraiser amongst your community! Don’t forget to tag us @gosushimaki so we can help spread the word!


  • The Organizer will not make any alterations to the Sushi Maki logo, or adapt the logo as part of another symbol or mark. 
  • Sushi Maki does not endorse products, firms, organizations, individuals, or services. Accordingly, your event(s) must be promoted and conducted in a manner that avoids any statement or appearance of an endorsement by Sushi Maki.  
  • The full name of our organization is Sushi Maki. Please do not use any other interpretation or variance of the name. 


A commitment to care is at the heart of Sushi Maki. We want to make a positive and real difference in our community. One way we do this is by making donations of gift certificates and quality food items to some of the key non-profit organizations in our community. If your organization is interested in such donation, please fill out the form below. This form must be filled out in its entirety at least 3 weeks before your event or deadline in order to be considered.

Donation Request Form

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