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Order Ahead, Earn Rewards & Redeem Offers🌟

Experience the convenience of Sushi Maki app! Join our loyalty program and unlock rewards with every order.

Start earning points effortlessly and redeem rewards in just a few simple steps.

create account in sushi maki app
1. Create an account
order in sushi maki app and earn points

2. Order with us & earn points

redeem sushi maki rewards and exclusive offers on the app

3. Redeem rewards!

Our Loyalty Tiers

The more you dine with us, the higher points you earn per dollar spent! 


Tier 1: ($1 = 1 point)

All users start at tier 1; Earn 1 point per dollar to use towards available rewards.


Tier 2: ($1 = 1.5 points)

Spend $500 to reach tier 2; Earn 1.5 points per dollar to use towards available rewards.


Tier 3: ($1 = 2 points)

Spend $1,000 to reach tier 3; Earn 2 points per dollar to use towards available rewards.

(Tiers reset back to 1 at the beginning of every year, January 1st. Points expire in 365 days from the date of issue).


Free Small Bites | 75 points:

thai donuts or edamame

Free Starter | 100 points:

cali roll, gyoza, cali ocho roll or 24 carrot roll

Free Standard Entrée | 125 points:

pad thai, dragon roll, sunshine roll or wok-fried rice

Free Main Course | 175 points:

chicken teriyaki bowl, whole foods roll, volcano roll or beet + cauliflower poke

Free Poke Bowl | 200 points:

kani-shrimp poke, aloha soy poke, ASC dragon poke or aji amarillo poke

Free Signature Entrée | 225 points:

chicken ramen soup, red dragon reloaded, naruto cucumber or Miami roll


1. Do I need to create a new Sushi Maki account to join this program?

No! The system will keep all your information under the same account and app.

2. What happens to my existing points? 

We are adjusting everyone’s points to fit within the parameters of our new point and reward system. Your new points will reflect on your Sushi Maki account beginning February 21, 2024.

3. What happens to my existing rewards?

You can use any existing rewards until April 15th, 2024.

4. Can I share any existing reward?

Yes you can! just click on “share” and follow the instructions.

5. I shared my reward with a friend but he/she cannot see it, why? 

Be sure the recipient downloaded our app and signed up with the same phone number and email you used to share the reward. 

6. My account is not reflecting the correct amount of points from all my visits. what can I do? 

Please send us your full name, email, and phone number attached to your sushi maki loyalty account.  We will review this with you and credit any missing points if there are any.


More questions? Fill out the Contact us form or email us at