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Our Food

We ensure fresh, quality, and delicious dishes by ensuring our food is sourced sustainably, responsibly, and without artificial dyes or preservatives. 



Sushi Maki was the first sushi chain in the US to earn Marine Stewardship Council Certification (MSC) in 2012, and we later earned ASC certification as well. MSC & ASC-certified seafood must undergo rigorous sustainability standards, which are independently verified. These organizations work directly with fisheries, seafood companies, and consumers to ensure that seafood products are harvested and sourced in a way that maintains healthy marine ecosystems and safeguards fish populations.


Sushi Maki is taking it upon ourselves to guarantee we have fish in the ocean for generations to come! How? Sushi Maki is the first sushi chain in the US to earn Marine Stewardship Council Certification. In 2012, we partnered with the MSC, the world’s leading non-profit organization promoting sustainable fishing practices, to source seafood products from certified sustainable fisheries from around the world.
• Chilean Sea Bass: MSC certified from a small fishery located in the Antarctic region around the island of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in the south Atlantic Ocean.
• Kanikama Krab (surimi): MSC Certified Alaskan Pollock from the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands in the Gulf of Alaska.
• Seasonal seafood: Sushi Maki also offers a variety of other MSC and ASC certified sustainable seafood, on a seasonal basis, including cold water lobster (Nova Scotia, Canada) and scallops ( Argentina and Canada).


Our chicken is responsibly sourced, naturally raised, and without antibiotics or added growth hormones. These high-quality standards ensure that you’re enjoying the tastiest and healthiest food nature has to offer. Nothing more, nothing less. Deliciously uncomplicated.


Sushi Maki only imports sustainably harvested salmon from the most healthy, well-managed farms. Our primary supplier imports Bakkafrost salmon from the Faroe Islands and from Norway, where the water is cold, clean and home to one of the most comprehensive and stringent aquaculture veterinarian regulatory regimes in the world. This ensures the health and welfare of the fishes, as well as mama earth. Our longstanding relationship with this widely respected and recognized salmon importer allows us to request an inspection and quality reports, ensuring traceability. All these big words mean one thing: We can – and do – stand behind and guarantee the quality of the salmon we serve. At Sushi Maki, we think it’s important to know where your food comes from. You can learn more about the salmon we serve at

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