Crispy Rice

National Seafood Month is a time to celebrate the rich diversity and flavors of the ocean while promoting sustainable seafood choices. In an effort to spread the message of National Seafood Month and encourage sustainable food choices, Sushi Maki is launching a new culinary creation: Hot Honey Crispy Rice. This delectable dish combines the finest sustainably sourced tuna over golden crispy rice cakes topped with their signature hot honey sauce, creating a unique sweet and savory experience for seafood enthusiasts.

Sushi Maki was the first sushi chain in the US to earn Marine Stewardship Council Certification (MSC) in 2012, demonstrating the brand’s decade-plus commitment to environmental stewardship and preserving marine ecosystems. MSC-certified seafood must undergo rigorous sustainability standards, which are independently verified. The organization works directly with fisheries, seafood companies, and consumers to ensure that seafood products are harvested and sourced in a way that maintains healthy marine ecosystems and safeguards fish populations. 

With this new menu addition, Sushi Maki aims to foster awareness about the crucial role that small, everyday choices play in preserving our precious oceans. “Businesses have a responsibility to advocate for environmental sustainability, and I hope this dish makes our customers feel good about the impact of their dining choices,” says CEO, Abe Ng.

Hot Honey Crispy Rice is available at all Sushi Maki locations (Coral Gables, Dadeland, Kendall, South Miami, Palmetto Bay, and Coconut Grove) throughout National Seafood Month this October. Visit any Sushi Maki restaurant to experience this culinary delight and celebrate the ocean’s bounty in a sustainable and delicious way.

About Sushi Maki:

Established in 2000 by Abe Ng and his family, Sushi Maki has expanded across South Florida, boasting over 25 prime locations, including stand-alone restaurants, Whole Foods Market stations, university dining, and airport concessions. Recognized as South Florida’s premier sushi restaurant brand, Sushi Maki is synonymous with high-quality, exceptional service, and culinary ingenuity, continuously expanding its offerings through state-of-the-art digital ordering platforms and strategic partnerships. Sushi Maki is committed to sustainability, certified by both the Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Visit for more information.

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